FXE Series

Electro-permanent Lifting Magnets

Electro-permanent FXE technology offers maximum safety in magnetic lifting applications. This technology combines the advantages in terms of reliability of permanent magnets and the easy use of electromagnets. The electric current is used only for a few seconds during the activation and deactivation of the magnetic circuit. Even in the event of breakage of the power cable or loss of power from the mains, the load is never released by the lift.

Flexibility and easy use distinguish the product in its multiple versions and applications. FXE uses electro-permanent magnetic technology, i.e. the current is used only to activate or deactivate the system and not during the work phase.
in the event of a wire break or power loss, the load cannot break off.
no batteries are required, the activation / deactivation takes place by means of a push-button panel on the magnet and / or through a remote control.


FXE 50

Lifting modules equipped with Pole Type 50 with a load capacity of 300 to 1600 kg. Pole Type 50 is designed to lift materials starting from 4 mm thick with flat surfaces. The nominal flow values ​​are calculated with an air gap of 0.3 mm. With air gap 0, the Pole Type 50 achieves a holding force of 3.8 kN per pole.

FXE-L 50+

Lifting modules equipped with Pole Type 50+ with a load capacity from 400 to 1000 kg. Pole Type 50+ has a reinforced magnetic system for medium rough surfaces. With air gap 0, the Pole Type 50+ achieves a holding force of 3.8 kN per pole.

FXE 80

Lifting modules equipped with Pole Type 80 with a load capacity from 1000 to 4000 kg. Pole Type 80 is designed to lift loads starting from 8 mm thick with medium rough surfaces and medium air gaps. The nominal flow rates of the FXE Pole Type 80 are calculated with an air gap of 0.4 mm. With air gap 0, the Pole Type 80 achieves a holding force of 9 kN per pole.


Lifting modules equipped with Pole Type 100 with a load capacity of 1600 to 7200 kg. Pole Type 100 is designed to lift loads starting from 12 mm thick with particular shapes or forged with large air gaps. The nominal flow rates of the FXE Pole Type 100 are calculated with an air gap of 0.6 mm. With air gap 0, the Pole Type 100 achieves a holding force of 14.5 kN per pole.


FXE-R magnetic modules can lift round or flat materials. We create these modules starting from the FXE base with special polar shoes that we can customize for single sockets or in layers.


Thanks to a special magnetic circuit, the FXE-Z modules have an additional ability to demagnetize the piece after handling. With this module, the pieces that have residual magnetism can be degaussed after handling by the module itself.


Magnetic beam with electro-permanent lifting modules for sheet metal, with load capacity from 2500 to 6400 kg. and formats max. 6000x2000mm.


The FXE-M electro-permanent magnetic modules can be connected with the MCF control unit to create modular lifting systems. They are made with monobloc technology and are extremely robust. Wide range of choice of magnetic modules in relation to the specific application.




The high quality spiral cable is particularly suitable for cranes or hoists up to 4m in height of the hook. 1/5 extension ratio.


The safety sensor, mounted on the coupling eyelet, does not allow the demagnetization of the load when it is not resting on the ground.


The Pick Up function is used for lifting thin sheets from a pack. A raised load of a few cm. in Pick Up mode, i.e. with the mode that reduces the strength of the magnetic module, it can be considered safe during handling in Full Mag mode at full force.


For the handling of round or shaped parts to have a perfect adherence between the magnetic pole and pieces to be handled, or for the handling of high temperature pieces to protect the magnetic core and favor heat dissipation.


Remote control for all permanent electro modules with different technologies and actio radius.


Handles to move small loads from the work surface, the magnet can be positioned manually.



The contact surface between the magnetic lifter and the load must be clean and free from irregularities of any kind

A distance between the magnetic pole of the lift and the load to be moved creates an air gap. Rust, paint, dirt, paper or an irregularly worked surface can create air gaps, the force of the lifter is inversely proportional to the thickness of the air gap.

Material thickness

The path of the magnetic flux inside a piece consists of a semicircle that starts from the center of a pole of the magnetic lifter to the center of the opposite pole. If the piece is thinner than this radius, the part of the flow that comes out is dispersed and does not contribute to anchoring it. The resulting attraction will be less than what you will get when all the flow is absorbed by a piece of adequate thickness to contain it.

Load dimensions / intrinsic balance

Contact surface, thickness and length of the material to be handled are factors that influence the attraction force of a magnetic lifter. We recommend consulting our technicians to check the suitability of the lift chosen for your application.

Chemical composition of the load

The chemical composition of the load to be lifted can also influence the attraction force of a magnetic lifter, depending on its magnetic permeability. Common steels (ST37-52) with low carbon content have good magnetic permeability. Alloy steels with a content of non-ferrous components have a low magnetic permeability. Hot treatments that modify the molecular structure of steel can also reduce magnetic permeability. The more a steel is "tied", the worse the magnetic response and the higher the possibility of having residual magnetism in the piece.

Temperature of the load

As the temperature increases, the molecules of the ferromagnetic material move faster, this phenomenon causes a reduction in the magnetic conductivity of the material itself. Recommended operating temperatures are for loads up to max. 80 ° C. In the case of the FX-V lift, the max. operating temperature is 150 ° C.

Check the magnetic lifters

The FX series lifts are delivered with a manufacturer's declaration of conformity which guarantees compliance with the MD 2006/42 EC and EN 13155 standards. An additional check must be carried out for particular situations (blows, collisions, breakages) DGUV / BGR 500 / Chapter 2.8. A regular check must be carried out with a minimum annual deadline according to DGUV / BGR 500 / Section 2.8.
We will be glad to verify your magnetic lifters at our office. We are always equipped with all spare parts, in the event of breakage, the lifts will be restored quickly.