Magnetic systems
for industrial applications

Permanent Magnet Technologies, Electromagnets and Electro-Permanent Magnets, represent different design and manufacturing possibilities, each with its own advantages, characteristics and technical limitations.
VEGA TECHNIK can offer the most appropriate and effective magnetic technology based on the application requested by the Customer.
We know how to use our many years of experience, perfected through hundreds of different applications, already in the design phase, we size the ideal magnetic module to obtain the best performance required in real working conditions.

Product design


We support the innovation and competitiveness of our customers through the development of magnetic products and technologies, from the creative phase to the industrialization phase. We are able to carry out every design phase, from the definition of guidelines to the design of individual parts or the study of integrated systems. The design capacity of magneto - mechanical structures is generally a strong point of our organization.

VEGA TECHNIK´s design phases:

Initial data collection

Analysis of the request, of the project objectives
and the Client's specific working methods.

Definition of the phases

Identification of the critical points of the project and
definition of the development and planning phases of work activities..

Feasibility design

Preliminary study to identify the main possible solutions to be used.


Reviews and Changes

The solutions adopted are subject to review carried out in collaboration with the customer, for total compliance with the initial requirements.

Detail´s study

Completion of project details, elaboration of construction drawings and technical documentation necessary for the construction phase.

Control and Validation

Control of documentation before being delivered to production.



The production of the technical file is an integral part of the design and is a process that takes shape in the design phase of the magnetic system and continues in the testing and installation phases of the product.

VEGA TECHNIK accompanies the product with all the documents that make up the technical file: from the use and maintenance manual, including the technical illustration, to the FMEA analysis if required, up to the spare parts catalog and risk analysis. All technical documentation is produced in line with the standards of European regulations.