In VEGA TECHNIK we provide the best solutions for the magnetic industry, continuous innovation is one of the pillars of our organization. We know the characteristics of the product and its multiple applications and innovations. We control the entire manufacturing process of our magnetic equipment.
Automating the manufacturing process allows us to minimize errors and produce more economically.
In VEGA TECHNIK we have a laboratory with advanced measurement and simulation equipment.


VEGA TECHNIK products are the result of innovation, experience and application of technological knowledge.
The company has faced the competitive challenge by researching new solutions, new materials and shapes and developing new skills and applications for its products. The quality standard of VEGA TECHNIK products rests on a knowledge of the materials used and on continuous attention to the technical, construction, performance, quality and ergonomic aspects of the products developed. VEGA TECHNIK has developed a deep know-how in the field of magnetism and related processes, thanks to the experience gained over the years and collaborations with leading companies globally.

Superior quality products and services

Vega Technik, through a meticulous planning of the work and a constant measurement of the results, places the customer at the center of the activities and aims of the company to satisfy its needs beyond all expectations, always respecting the established times and budgets.