FX Series

Permanent Lifting Magnets with manual activation

The FX magnetic lifters work with a single magnet system, using high-energy magnets, totally activated by a 90 ° rotation of the lever. The activation and deactivation of the system takes place without recoil on the lever itself.
The rotor is practically indestructible because it is made from solid.
High energy neodymium magnets ensure high performance up to 80 °C.
Thanks to a unique design the internal air gap is minimized to offer higher performance.

A complete range for every need.
Safety factor 3,5.
Conform to norms CE/EN 13155/MRL 2006/42 EWG.
3 years of warranty.



Magnetic lifters for flat and round materials. Wide air gap.


Magnetic lifters for round loads.


Magnetic lifters for thin sheets and tubes.


Magnetic lifters for beams, profiles and high temperature loads.


Magnetic lifters for high temperature up to 350°.


Magnetic lifters for rings and caps.


For horizontal and vertical movement

  • FX-HV Horizontal-vertical system,
  • FX-LT Lifting beam with permanent magnets,
  • FX-KT Small beam for lifting small bodies with special shapes.



Activation Lever

Robust and ergonomic made of tubular steel, plastic material and soft rubber in the handle.

Set of marked plates

Made with a particular printing process, they must always be legible for the correct use of the lift by the operator.

Front and rear aluminum panels

Used to avoid intrusion of foreign material into the magnetic circuit and are easily replaceable in case of breakage.

Top cover plate

The top plate acts as a magnetic insulator.


Molded in carbon steel and tested for more than ten times the load, galvanized DIN 912 8.8 fixing screws, (observe the tightening instructions).

Ball bearing

Promotes rotation and avoids dust intrusions inside the magnetic system.



The contact surface between the magnetic lifter and the load must be clean and free from irregularities of any kind

A distance between the magnetic pole of the lift and the load to be moved creates an air gap. Rust, paint, dirt, paper or an irregularly worked surface can create air gaps, the force of the lifter is inversely proportional to the thickness of the air gap.

Material thickness

The path of the magnetic flux inside a piece consists of a semicircle that starts from the center of a pole of the magnetic lifter to the center of the opposite pole. If the piece is thinner than this radius, the part of the flow that comes out is dispersed and does not contribute to anchoring it. The resulting attraction will be less than what you will get when all the flow is absorbed by a piece of adequate thickness to contain it.

Load dimensions / intrinsic balance

Contact surface, thickness and length of the material to be handled are factors that influence the attraction force of a magnetic lifter. We recommend consulting our technicians to check the suitability of the lift chosen for your application.

Chemical composition of the load

The chemical composition of the load to be lifted can also influence the attraction force of a magnetic lifter, depending on its magnetic permeability. Common steels (ST37-52) with low carbon content have good magnetic permeability. Alloy steels with a content of non-ferrous components have a low magnetic permeability. Hot treatments that modify the molecular structure of steel can also reduce magnetic permeability. The more a steel is "tied", the worse the magnetic response and the higher the possibility of having residual magnetism in the piece.

Temperature of the load

As the temperature increases, the molecules of the ferromagnetic material move faster, this phenomenon causes a reduction in the magnetic conductivity of the material itself. Recommended operating temperatures are for loads up to max. 80 ° C. In the case of the FX-V lift, the max. operating temperature is 150 ° C.

Check the magnetic lifters

The FX series lifts are delivered with a manufacturer's declaration of conformity which guarantees compliance with the MD 2006/42 EC and EN 13155 standards. An additional check must be carried out for particular situations (blows, collisions, breakages) DGUV / BGR 500 / Chapter 2.8. A regular check must be carried out with a minimum annual deadline according to DGUV / BGR 500 / Section 2.8.
We will be glad to verify your magnetic lifters at our office. We are always equipped with all spare parts, in the event of breakage, the lifts will be restored quickly.