Telescopic Lifting Systems for large sheets

Heavy Lifting

Electro permanent lifting systems for large sheets

Vegatechnik designs and manufactures standard magnetic systems for the movement of single sheets from packs with lengths of 12 and 16 m. Composed of a central body and a series of crosspieces with two electro-permanent magnetic modules each.

The beams have the possibility to lengthen or shrink their own length and select the magnetic modules that must be activated.

of Magnetic Modules

Quickly intuitive commands and an ergonomic and multifunction industrial radio remote control allow an easy use of the system.

Possibility to lengthen
and shorten the arms

The movement of the telescopic arms, activated by a hydraulic circuit, allows the gripping of the longer plates, keeping the overall dimensions of the system within the geometry of the load.

Load catching
in uniform way

The load is taken through the uniform distribution of the "EPM" modules for a homogeneous distribution of the stresses on the beam, to guarantee lifting.


The system is equipped with a series of devices, designed to guarantee maximum safety during the lifting phase.



For handling sheets up to 12 meters in length (10 to 20 tons)


For handling sheets up to 16 meters in length (from 14 to 26 tons)




Radio Remote control for electro modules with modern technologies and actio radius.


N ° 4 side hooks welded to the main structure, with a capacity of 4500 kg / each, with the function of lifting crossbar to enslave the handling of loads not indicated on the data plate (Eg: Various material bundles, non-ferrous loads, etc. .).


Signal lights with three lamps, to indicate the various operating states.


Operated by the buttons: → ←; ← → bring the hydraulic system under pressure and operate the hydraulic cylinders that allow the opening / closing of the telescopic arms.


The safety sensor is positioned near one of the shackles of the chain pull and is operated directly by the shackle itself. Depending on the state of the chain pull (in ban or in pull), the sensor sends a signal to the controller for:
  • prevent the DEMAG cycle when the load is lifted off the ground,
  • avoid OPENING / CLOSING the telescopic arms if the magnetic crosspiece is resting on the ground,
  • allow the FULL MAG cycle when the load has been lifted off the ground.




The lifting and handling of ferromagnetic materials performed through the use of this type of lifters is made possible by the ability of these materials to convey the lines of force of the magnetic field produced by the equipment. The electropermanent technology allows to exploit the magnetic energy stored or storable in some particular alloys or compounds: permanent magnets.


Compliance with EU regulations, both as regards the safety of the workplace and electromagnetic compatibility (conducted and radiated emissions), makes the electro-permanent circuit the only valid alternative in the field of magnetic lifters. In fact, these systems meet the following requirements:
  • they do not require an external continuous source of energy (unlike electromagnetic equipment), since the operating principle with double reversible permanent magnet (electro-permanent circuit) uses the power supply only for cycles of a few seconds respectively in the "MAG" phase of magnetization and "DEMAG" of degaussing.
  • they have intrinsic safety, being completely self-sufficient for the entire load handling period and therefore insensitive to power outages. Thanks to the high-energy permanent magnets, the load remains hooked with constant force.
  • they do not affect the operation of the surrounding equipment (during the load release phase there is no energy return in the power supply network).


  • SELECT - allows the selection of magnetic modules from A to D according to the technical scheme contained in the manual and on the plate affixed to the body of the telescopic crossbar, always check the weight and size limits of the load to be handled. Make sure that the lifting operation complies with the load in question.
  • DEMAG - allows demagnetization of electro-permanent modules. To start this cycle, the DEMAG button must be pressed simultaneously with the SAFE button, this to ensure the voluntariness of this operation.
  • PICK UP - allows the first operation of the lifting cycle, the electro-permanent modules are MAGNETIZED at 75% of their capacity - PICK UP can be activated with the load on the ground and pull chains in the ban. The PICK UP cycle must always precede a FULL MAG cycle. If the PICK UP is not lifting the load, put the telescopic crossbar back on the ground, perform a DEMAG cycle, increase the POWER level and start again with another PICK UP cycle.
  • FULL MAG - allows electro-permanent modules to be magnetized to 100% of their capacity - FULL MAG can only be activated with the load raised off the ground. FULL MAG must always be after the PICK UP cycle.
  • → ← ; ← → ARROWS - indicate the OPENING / CLOSING direction of the telescopic arms of the telescopic crossbar (The system is set to allow OPENING / CLOSING of the telescopic arms in DEMAG state and with the telescopic crossbar raised from the ground).
  • COMMUTER POWER (RADIO - MANUAL) - allows to select the type of control panel to be used, REMOTE CONTROL or PUSH-BUTTON on the telescopic crossbar
  • POWER - allows to select the POWER level (from 1 to 4) with which to work during the PICK UP cycle, in practice they define the intensity of the magnetic force of the electropermanent magnetic modules, this function is used to increase or decrease the lifting force in operation the type of thickness of the individual sheets. The type of level according to sheet thicknesses is indicated below: LEVEL 1= INDICATIVE 5-6 mm LEVEL 2= INDICATIVE 6-8 mm LEVEL 3= INDICATIVE 8-10 mm LEVEL 4= INDICATIVE 10- Above DATA SHIELD (on the body of the EP Beam)


For the safe handling of the load to be handled, it is important to check that its characteristics fall within the values ​​indicated in the diagram at the following link: “WING DEFLECTION” One of the main causes of load detachment is the handling of large pieces but of reduced thickness, consequently causing the peeling effect. These loads do not have sufficient mechanical lift and therefore the "WING DEFLECTION" diagram highlights the maximum protrusion that the piece to be moved must have, compared to the magnetic lifter, depending on its thickness.


  • Make sure that the weight and the dimensions of the load is not greater than the maximum capacity shown on the system plate.
  • Wait the LAMPS signals confirmation before to execute the subsequent operation.
  • Do not perform magnetization cycle if the lifter it is not in contact with the load.
  • Never move the load in PICK UP, a FULL MAG cycle is always required to move the load.
  • In case of interruption of the supply line, always start from a DEMAG cycle.
  • Avoid, as far as possible, to place the lifter in areas very dirty or highly deformed.
  • Eliminate any foreign material from the load surface before laid the lifter.
  • Do not move any selector during magnetization cycles or demagnetization.
  • Before using the equipment, check the cleaning and the correct functioning of the SAFETY SWITCH SENSOR device to have the optimal operation conditions.